Don Bosco

Don Bosco as Father and Teacher

The Lord has given us Don Bosco as father and teacher.

We study and imitate him, admiring in him a splendid blending of nature and grace. He was deeply human, rich in the qualities of his people open to the realities of this earth; and he was just as deeply the man of God, filled with the gifts of the holy Spirit and living “as seeing him who is invisible”. These two aspects combined to create a closely-knit life project, the service of the young. He realized his aim with firmness constancy and the sensitivity of a generous heart, in the midst of difficulties and fatigue. “He took no step, he said no word, he took up no task that was not directed to the saving of the young…Truly the only concern of his heart was for souls. ” (the words of Michael Rua, his first successor) (Source: C. 21)

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