Christians who use the Chapel of Mary Help of Christians in Don Bosco Scholasticate Kabgayi will soon begin to attend Mass in an enlarged chapel after” Missioni Don Bosco” Turin has given them considerable support to extend the existing chapel which accommodated a small number of people while the number of Christians continues to increase these days.
The extension activities of the chapel and sanitary infrastructures at Don Bosco Kabgayi, are proceeding smoothly, with the completion expected by the end of July 2020
As Brother Diomede Havyalimana, economer of the community explains, in the past 11 years, people were praying in a small chapel that “we would call a small room”. At that time, there were 5 salesian members in this community. Many people from outside wanted to come to the chapel to pray with these five Salesians. However, the place was not enough. “So the idea was to ask ourselves if we could not build a small chapel also for the young scholastics who were preparing for life of either priests or brothers. The chapel that was there as you can see, could only host between 150 and 200 people. But as the years went on, the number of faithful increased. Until February of this year, those who entered inside, numbered 170 to 180 people, and more than 150 other persons stayed outside the Chapel”, Brother Havyalimana explains.
It is after having this situation that they had another idea of extending the existing chapel. The idea was well received by the Salesian benefactor “Missioni Don Bosco” Turin who financed this extension project with also the construction of toilets for the faithful and for young people attending oratory activities.
Again, this good idea was also supported by local Christians who gave their material or financial contribution. Father Joseph Kabadugaritse, superior of Kabgayi Salesian community comments “My feeling is one of great gratitude to God who enables this, to the benefactors who give themselves and to the workers who get into it with such great joy. I think that soon the joy will be even greater when we have time to pray in this enlarged chapel. ”
Fully completed, the chapel will accommodate more than 300 people and this will solve the current problem of insufficient seats.
Ange de la Victoire Dusabemungu