One of the strategic choices a student can make after UNEB exams; PLE, UCE & UACE is to join Technical and Vocational education and Training (TVET) also known as BTVET (Business, Technical and Vocational Education and Training) in Uganda.


A PLE leaver is eligible for enrollment in a TVET school in a Skill of his/her choice at the end of which the student attains a Certificate of Competence from DIT (Directorate of Industrial Training) normally after a period of between 6 to 9 months. DIT is an assessing body that is nationally and internationally recognized just like UNEB with emphasis on practical skills and quality standards. This student with a DIT certificate can still upgrade from DIT Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, up to the equivalence of Bachelors degree, Masters and Doctorate in the DIT Levels of that particular skill/profession. These levels can be achieved in a shorter period considering the fact that this student gets knowledge and skills in only a specific area of choice/profession.


A UCE Leaver has two TVET choices; either to enroll for the DIT certificate of competence OR to enroll for the National Certificate in a skill of their choice. Those who enroll for DIT go through the same skilling levels as the PLE leavers but start from Level 2 and they may have a better advantage of numeracy and literacy as they take on higher DIT levels.

Those who choose a National Certificate course study for two years at the end of which they are awarded with the National Certificate examined by Uganda Business & Technical examinations board (UBTEB) in the skill of their choice. This document is equivalent to the UACE document. Course units are not limited to the skill specific content but rather include other areas of knowledge such as Entrepreneurship, Swahili, Pure & Applied Mathematics, Communication Skills and Computer applications, which are compulsory irrespective of your Skill.

The National Certificate document can be used to enroll for Diploma studies in any University and subsequently Bachelor’s degree. Students under this category who choose to join University normally have higher chances of admission due to evidence of their skill specific knowledge. They are also better placed towards building solid careers due to the fact that they join University with good knowledge of what their profession requires and the opportunities available to them in addition to the hands-on skills they already have. With this document one can join elective politics that require a minimum of A level but also can secure jobs in firms and organizations as a professional unlike the UACE document.


A UACE leaver has three TVET choices; either to enroll for the DIT certificate of competence OR to enroll for the National Certificate OR the National Diploma/Ordinary Diploma in the Skill/Profession of their choice. A student who passed subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & English is eligible for a Diploma in Professions/Skills such as Civil Engineering/Building Construction, Electrical Engineering/Electrical installation, Water Engineering/Plumbing, Mechanical engineering/Mechanics, etc.


From experience and interaction with various technicians and engineers in the Construction industry, it is clear that TVET graduates are more employable, focused and better placed for the future in a country where unemployment levels are so high with few new jobs created per year.

  1. JOSEPHS VTC, KAMULI – Don Bosco Kamuli.

St. Joseph VTC, Kamuli is a Salesians of Don Bosco vocational school in Uganda, dedicated towards transforming the lives of young people through skilling their hands and touching their hearts for a holistic transformation.

The school offers both formal training (courses examined by UBTEB) and non-formal training (skills assesed by DIT) and short course programs.

Trainees have a choice to make from courses such as; Building Construction, Electrical Installation, Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy, Motor Vehicle Mechanics, Plumbing, Tailoring, Agriculture, Catering, Welding & Metal Fabrication, Driving Training, Solar Energy Installation, Carpentry, etc

St Joseph VTC Kamuli was privileged to be the host of the World Skills competition boot camp in partnership with African Union and Black and Decker in 2023 which made the school a center of excellency not only in Uganda but also on the international level.

We encourage Students and Parents to shun the myth that TVET is for failures and the poor.


Alfred Ntagungira.

Instructor of Building Construction.

St. Joseph VTC, Kamuli-Uganda.