The 30th/07/2023 was a remarkable day when 9 Salesian co-operators made their promises during the Eucharistic celebration that was presided over by Rev. Fr. Joseph Mwebe, sdb who had been delegated by the Provincial to receive the promises of these co-operators in the presence of the president of the Salesian co-operators in the AGL province,  Madam Bartazara from Burundi.

During his homily Fr. Joseph pointed out that as Salesian co-operators, they have got a big task to play in the mission, especially always privileging the young people for there is no Salesian without the young people. Therefore, in their daily responsibilities, they ought to always recall to serve the young in a very close collaboration with the Salesians and amongst themselves for the salvation of souls.

At the end of the Mass, the whole group joined the community for lunch. Later in the evening, the community invited them again together with their families for dinner. The dinner started with evening prayers attended by all the Salesians of Don Bosco and the Salesians co-operators. After evening prayers, dinner was served at around 8:30 pm.

After dinner, some entertainments were presented and a speech from the president of the co-operators here in Namugongo, who thanked God for having enabled them to reach this special day and promised on behalf of his fellow co-operators to remain faithful to their promises. He further pledged to make themselves available for any cause of the young people.

Fr. Joseph Mwebe, the delegate of co-operators also asked the Salesian co-operators to not stop at themselves but to make sure that they preach to others so that they can join to develop the group. He also asked them to be good collaborators with the other co-operators in Uganda and the whole province at large. He requested them to always be available whenever any co-operators’ meeting presents itself.

At last Fr. Pascal, the rector of Namugongo community gave his appreciation and in a special way thanked the Salesian co-operators for the choice they had made and asked them to remain faithful to their promises. The dinner ended with a closing prayer and a final blessing from Fr. Pascal .

Joseph Mugisa, sdb