One of the most important days of the year, celebrated on 8th of March across the globe, is International Women’s Day. The day is commemorated to encourage gender parity and to celebrate the achievements of women through social, economic and political activities in every field of life. The day also calls for action to raise awareness in women about their rights.

            In Kamuli, the day started well with Holy Mass and the prayers went on well as women took over every part of the Mass. During the course of the day, several activities were carried out, that is to say; mimes and they were all about a common message to women, speeches from several speakers most of them women, entertainment from Jazz Band and Brass Band with Acrobatic Gymnastics and lastly we had games and sports between ladies and gentlemen. During the closure of the celebration, the best performers were awarded with gifts.

In conclusion, everything started well and ended well and we are thankful to the Almighty God for having provided us with favourable weather conditions.

 Pierre-Célestin Hakizimana, sdb