On  Saturday, February 11, 2023, in Kimihurura at Don Bosco-IFAK, a celebration of the feast of Don Bosco was held in the presence of the students, salesian administration, Government and local administration representatives, parents, former Don Bosco Students, teachers and other invited guests.

The celebration event was preceded by the holy Mass presided over by Father Provincial Pierre Celestin Ngoboka and was attended by students from Don Bosco Schools located in Kimihurura, namely Don Bosco Nursery School, Don Bosco Primary school and IFAK, and  parents…..

In his homily, Father Pierre Celestin Ngoboka emphasized the role of the Don Bosco Pedagogy in the Salesian educational centres where priority is given to raising the child so that he or she will become a good citizen for the society and the country.

Father Ngoboka assured the parents that the Salesians will continue to do everything possible to ensure that the children receive a fair education aimed at their development and that of their country.

After the Mass, the formal feast drew the emotions of the parents, students and guests.

As usual, all who were present enjoyed a variety of planned activities including dances, songs, cultural performances, parade, all of which gave joy and warmth to the participants.

In his welcome speech, Father Jean Bosco Ntirenganya, Director of the IFAK Community and head of IFAK School, reminded that Don Bosco was a well-known example among educators, so his values are the ones that the Salesians use to give the needed education to students.

He said that IFAK School is doing whatever possible to be on the top among educational institutions that have outstanding achievements in education.

He also said that there are dreams of building a gymnasium complex that will be used by students from the Don Bosco Schools located in Kimihurura in order to continue offering education and entertainment and sport as it is a culture in the Salesian Education System.

After the welcome speech, there were songs and dance performances by IFAK students to welcome the guests in the traditional rhythm that attracted the audience and raised emotions among those who admire the Rwandan culture.

The event was an opportunity to express what is on everyone’s heart. A representative of the students emphasized that there is nothing to complain about at Don Bosco Centre because they are happy and continue to receive knowledge that will prepare them for a bright future.

He emphasized that they will not lose sight of the values they grew up with, confirming that the goal is to make sure that they are becoming youth with knowledge and patriotism.

The representative of the teachers also gave a speech praising the leadership of the Salesians in the Africa of Great Lakes Province adding that the teachers are treated fairly and supported to get all the necessary materials to teach the children and what is more, the activities aimed at the development of the teachers are strongly supported by the Salesians.

The teacher confirmed that the Pro-Futuro technology  (used in the Don Bosco schools) is one of the innovations that facilitate the delivery of courses because it covers their needs, such as books and other material.

She also confirmed that the relationship between the teachers and the Salesian Community is good because it includes mutual support in order to continue providing quality education.

After her speech, the guests were again warmed by the children of the Nursery school, when they performed the usual eye-catching dance, sketches, and danced traditional songs as one of the values of cultural development among the youth. The performance of the children of Don Bosco Nursery School was a great success : everyone burst out with joy as a sign that the children are well cared for and nurtured both in school and in relationships with others. It was a joy for students, parents and guests in general.

After the children’s performance, a parent representing the others, took to the floor and said “The child is very sweet.” He emphasized that, seeing the happiness among the children, they are confident that the Don Bosco School is offering what parents are looking for.

He praised all the programs for the students but stressed that the development activities should continue to increase and he requested that the students be given a stadium where they can enjoy all kinds of sport activities. This idea was applauded by the parents who expressed their willingness to contribute to achieve the school’s dream as said by the Director of the school in his opening remarks.

After the speech of the parents, one of the former students of IFAK took to the floor and emphasized the importance of studying in Don Bosco institutions: he confirmed that most of the people who studied at IFAK have important positions in the government and private sector. He gave many examples and emphasized that no one who studied at Don Bosco is without value in the society.

He confirmed that as former students of Don Bosco they will continue to support all activities aimed at the development of the institution and the quality of education provided to the students.

Before the speech of the representative of the Government, Senator Innocent Nkurunziza, Former Don Bosco Student, there was a traditional dance by the primary school children which also enthralled many.

After the dance, Senator Nkurunziza commended the Salesians, highlighting the good work they are doing especially in promoting quality education.

As one of the members of the  Education Committee in the Senate of Rwanda, Senator Innocent Nkurunziza said that the country appreciates the education of the Salesians and requested that the cooperation in education between the Catholic Church, the Salesians and the State continue in order to raise Rwandans who love the country and who are ready to work for it.

He confirmed that the government will continue to support education because it is a pillar of sustainable development.

Senator Innocent said that the 2050 vision of the Government of Rwanda includes having a knowledge-based economy and informed citizens.

From this perspective, he appealed to the Salesians to continue working in the same spirit so that all young people who have passed in their hands are productive not only on  a personal level but on the society level.

In his closing remark, the Provincial of the Salesians of Don Bosco in the Africa of Great Lakes Province, Father Pierre Celestin Ngoboka, praised all the participants at the event for accepting the invitation and coming to celebrate the feast of Don Bosco.

He promised that the Salesians are committed to continuing to provide quality education that will improve the development of the youth and the country.

Regarding the construction of the gymnasium, he stressed that this work should start, so that next year the parents will come back to see the progress.

In the end, he again invited the parents to next year’s event, promising that it will be even better than today’s.


RWANDA – IFAK.    Colorful Celebration of the Feast of Don Bosco at IFAK-Kimihurura

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