The vocational group at the Scolasticat Don Bosco Kabgayi has gathered 85 young people from four different schools in an annual recollection which aimed at self-evaluation among the young people.Also an entry prayer into the new year 2023 was observed. The recollection session was animated by Maman Emerita.In her opening remarks, M. Emerita reminded young people that the love of God is extraordinary referring to the book of psalms 139,1-3,23-24. She said “God knows us; He knows our needs, our preoccupations, our projects and plans…”She added that people have changed the meaning of “Love”, saying that “it no longer has the true meaning of love, because people love according to what they can gain from others. But we find the true sign of love in God because God is love, he loves us regardless of what we are or what we have. “Young people: you have to be careful of those who say they love you or pretend to love you more than your parents”.She asked the youth to know that they are loved by God first of all and foremost are invited to love God not only in words but also in their acts.

In the end, she gave the young people photos of Our Lady of Kibeho and wished them a happy new year.After the recollection, the young people celebrated the Eucharist with other children from the Scolasticat Don Bosco Kabgayi oratory who had come to share Christmas together.

Emmanuel Twizeyimana