It was on Saturday 21 st August at 9:00 am in Don Bosco Utume where the Salesians of Don Bosco with other religious from different congregations, administration staff, teaching and non teaching staff were gathered around the Provincial of AFE for the inauguration of the new academic year 2021-2012. Fr. Michael, the director of the community, started by welcoming the new students and lecturers. He also took time to introduce  the community members. The house council is composed of 7 Salesian priests (formators), the lecturers are 18 and there are 127 students including 64 Salesian students and 63 from other congregations.

The ceremonies began with the Eucharistic celebration presided over by Fr. Simon Asia Lipuku, the AFE Provincial. In his homily, he focused on articles 49 and 17 of our Constitutions. The Salesians are supposed to live and work together in an optimistic and joyful atmosphere, despite the Covid-19 pandemic. ”Let nothing upset you” used to say Don Bosco. After the Holy Mass the invited guests, confreres and students proceeded towards the main hall for the special topic ”Synodality in the life and mission of the Church” presented by Rev. Dr. Vitalis NSHANGA. It is an invitation for the bishops of the Catholic Church where they meet and discourse about the current problems in the church on different levels in order to journey together hand in hand with the Pope who represents the entire Church in bond of love, mission , unity and most especially in a communion of the faith

Fr. Simon Asira Lipuku congratulated  the college management of Don Bosco Utume for their hard work in recruiting qualified lecturers, for their team work and their academic success. In his words to the assembly, he gave us homework, as “Utume” means to be sent for ”a mission” (n Swahili). Christ invites and calls us to… Whether you are  a student, a priest or a Christian, God created us for a specific purpose, such us knowing Him, serving Him being with Him for the hereafter. We are here not to stay, but to be prepared for a mission and holiness. Therefore we are requested to open our eyes and face the challenges of today’s apostolate.

We closed the day with sharing a glass of Soda, Magnificat and the blessing by Fr. Michael Kalathipullatt the Rector of the College.

Brother Samuel Hazabinkiko, sdb.