A beautiful new church within Palabek refugee camp.

Uganda –  Palabek, – August 2021 – Thanks to the Salesian Mission Office of South Korea, and to “Missioni Don Bosco” in Turin, a new church dedicated to the Holy Cross is about to be completed in these pandemic times inside the Palabek refugee camp. The camp currently houses 14 places used for worship: three (including the Holy Cross) are in proper buildings in excellent condition, three are in sheet metal huts, the others are open spaces on the lawn or sheltered by trees. The need to multiply these spaces is due to both the size of the camp and to the pandemic and the need to avoid crowds. Furthermore, on weekdays, the Salesian community in Palabek began celebrating the so-called “Family Masses” officiated in front of the homes of the faithful and deemed very useful for increasing sacramental participation and improving the formation of small Christian Communities.(ANS)