The confreres working in Uganda once again came together at the “Foyer de Charité”- Namugongo on March 3rd 2021 for a moment of spiritual nourishment, under the theme “Let us revive the spirit of the Oratory”.

This moment was animated by Fr. Philip Gbao, sdb. He took a few minutes to make a program to direct us for the recollection. He made an elaborate introduction to the theme, then came in adoration and the sacrament of penance, followed by Holy Mass in which other parts of the theme of the recollection and moments of sharing were incorporated. Fr. Philip emphasized on getting back to our roots: that is going back to the time of the Oratory with Don Bosco; we have to imitate him; live a balance between our past (time of oratory of Valdocco) and the evolving world of today, so as to be relevant to the young of today as did Don Bosco during his time, and above all we have to keep our identity. He reminded us to live the preventive system as our method of education and evangelization, to be always optimistic and joyful as our Constitutions #17 calls for. He said, Don Bosco put it always that Salesians should be quick to praise and appreciate and slow to condemn. And also, that our community will only grow if there is justice, mutual trust, honesty, consideration and acceptance of the others;  together, our different potentials will build our communities. And lastly missionary readiness, as we first of all belong to the Universal Church and then to the Congregation. And by heeding to these we shall be able to revive the spirit of the Oratory. Fr. Elie proposed a vote of thanks to Fr. Philip and all the other confreres for their positive response and he passed other communications.

                                                                                                                                             Brother Norman Owen sdb.