This solar short course was held between the 22nd to the 26th of February. Our community accommodated 15 of these instructors.  The course has been for the instructors of the eastern region of Uganda. The Ugandan ambassador to Turkey passed by, just as he has been doing each time he came for holidays, he seized the opportunity to greet our community and so this time it coincided with this program of the course and therefore he greeted them as well as giving some words of motivation. The course was so well organized and planned that at the end of it the majority of the instructors testified that they were not going back the same, as their knowledge of solar had increased, practically they had so much improved in what they knew and should with all confidence be able to deliver it with a lot of ease to their respective students of their various schools. And many thanks to the organizing committee, the donors for their great contribution and support for the solar program and lastly the Salesian community of Kamuli for their hospitality.

Kamuli Community