The Salesians of Don Bosco in AGL are projecting increased emergency cases as COVID 19 persists with the upsurge of the number of people who test positive these days.
For instance, in Rwanda, the new guidelines in place emphasize the need to allow the smallest number of people attending the workplace (30%) while others are advised to stay at home and work from there where it is possible.
The administration also prohibits persons’ movement with the curfew hours starting from 7 pm until 5 am every day.
The interprovince movements for those using public transport have been banned. Many businesses continue to suffer since the clientele has decreased, young people are still obliged to stay at home while waiting for the reopening of schools on the date which is not yet known and parents are struggling to provide for their families during these challenging times.
After realizing the possible continuous COVID-19 threats, the Salesian provincial economer, Brother Hubert TWAGIRAYEZU who is also the Director of Planning and Development Office in AGL is calling for a helping hand in order to be able to cater for the big number of needy persons who are likely to starve if the situation continues to worsen by the COVID 19 pandemic.
The same situation also is happening in Palabek Refugee camp in northern Uganda. The camp hosts thousands of South Sudan Refugees. Fr Lazar Arasu, Salesian living with refugees in Palabek has written about the very serious problems among the refugee teenagers, severely aggravated by the pandemic – unwanted pregnancies, abortions, abuse and others. The Salesians are doing their best through sensitization programmes in groups, peer-group discussions and individual counselling (see photographs-Palabek).
Brother Hubert TWAGIRAYEZU voiced the concern about the situation:
“Dear all, in this crucial moment of COVID-19 many people lost their jobs, people do not have resources to buy the necessary needs like food, health insurance. I am kindly requesting your intervention.”
Since the outbreak, the Salesians of Don Bosco-AGL Province have been able to support suffering communities, thanks to the donors from all over the world.
The support can be immediately channeled via possible means: Bank Account, Direct support or by contacting the Provincial economer via his e-mail: or by Phone Number: +250787683426
Ange Dusabemungu (August 31st 2020)