If you are a true warrior, competition does not scare you,  it makes you better (Andrew Whitworth).

Much as the schooling has begun on a high note, no student would afford to keep the head bent twenty four seven, otherwise boredom would be his/her daily bread. That is why games and sports would be the ultimate solution. Traditionally, 31st  of January, the world over, is a Salesian feast day, and no Salesian can remain silent. Just as we are, we have organized the football competitions for boys and girls respectively. We are advancing towards the end when Sunday 30th will culminate the rally. At the bounce of the ball, no one would hesitate to go towards the playground; this is because of the stiff competition from all teams. Talented boys in the field of commentary in the persons of : Rackara Justin, Opiyo Ivan who calls himself Nelson of Radio Rupiny and Omara Brian are bringing commentary live from the touch line with the microphone in hand and music in the background, just like Don Bosco would say: “an oratory without music is like the body without the soul”. The board are ensuring that the whole event rolls out successfully. Live update will still be coming for those who are following it.

                                                                                                    Morris Uhuru sdb