Despite the pandemic the Salesians of Don Bosco at Namaliga-Bombo community organized on Monday 04th October, 2021 a one-day seminar for the young people who belong to the football Academy of Dominic Savio Club at Bombo. This Seminar under the theme, “Discover and Develop your Talent for the Better Future”, aimed at helping a multitude of pupils and students in the locality who have been at home in the Covid 19 lockdown for over four months. The goal of this seminar was to help them to discover their talents in sports and have alternatives of survival in the future. The Seminar commenced with the arrival of the participants at 08:30 am, and proceeded with some introductory remarks from the rector of the community, Rev. Fr Joseph Long. In his talk, the rector emphasized on the Salesian spirit and on Don Bosco’s predilection for the young.  Among the invited guests were the Salesian Cooperators Mr. Kitakule and Mr. Jean Paul, who also shared their thoughts with the young people. During the development of the theme, the animators defined the talent as the ability to do things in a simple way that other people cannot. They also showed that a talent is a knowledge that an individual has without being taught much. They reminded the young people to discover their talents and keep developing them for the better future. After the talks, we had lunch together at 2:00 pm. And then, the Parish Priest of Namaliga Parish Rev. Fr Joseph Mwebe, sdb, gave his talk which centered on the life of Dominic Savio the patron saint of this group and his involvement in the oratory activities. The young people had time to interact amongst themselves through party games and music. The program was concluded with a friendly football match between the young people under the age of twelve against those under the age of fourteen years. At 06:00 pm we closed up with a short goodnight talk and prayer. And the young people were dismissed to go back to their respective families.

Bro. François  Manirumva, sdb