It is good to have friends but also hard when it is time of “outgoing” or to be separated from them. It was not easy for the students, parents and  government leaders about the reopening of the schools because of the Covid-19 pandemic  but as we believe  “nothing created will not end, only hope will make us prosper”.  Now, what can I say about this wonderful day of the leavers’ party and hand over? It was on 27th February 2021 at 10:00 am in VTC Kamuli, when the finalist leaders handed over their responsibilities to the staff due to the absence of the next classmates; because of Covid-19, only the candidates for the examinations were present. It has become a habit in Don Bosco Kamuli  : at the end of the year we have to thank all students who we have journeyed together with within these last two years, and in  a special way,  those who had some particular responsibility. The school had prepared some prizes and certificates of recognition for each member of the outgoing committee. In his speech, Fr. Vital Nzayisenga, the person in charge of the youth centre, who was delegated by the Director of the School, after opening the ceremony with a prayer, said that if you want to build a good nation, to have good citizens and strong Christians, the only gift you can offer to the youths is a good education. As also Nelson Mandela says.” education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. We Salesians of Don Bosco are witnesses of that word of wisdom, looking at the work done by Don Bosco and the Salesians in the whole world through education, where Don Bosco said that “either you educate young people or you grow bandits”. All students, staff and visitors were happy about how the party was well organized. Lots of congratulations to each one who tried his best to make it smart. We concluded the ceremonies with live music, group dancers, etc. up to 10:00 pm.  Then Fr. Vital ended the day with a blessing to the participants and wishing success to the students who were going to start their exams and a new life out of the school. Be cordial and helpful  : what you do to others will be done to you.

Brother Samuel Hazabinkiko, sdb