Namaliga Catholic Parish is one of the six sectors that make up the Salesian community of Bombo.

Due to the fact that this community has St. John Bosco as its Patron,

the feast of the great saint couldn’t just pass unnoticed. It’s for this reason that a number of activities were set up in memory of this Saint. A Don Bosco sportive tournament had been organized by the youth ministry of the Parish together with the office of the Parish Priest, Fr. Joseph Mwebe, sdb in which 24 teams participated in different disciplines including Football, Netball, Volleyball and Basketball.

The tournament reached its climax on Sunday 2nd February when finals in all disciplines were held. The day started with the Holy mass led by the Parish youth Choir, animation came in thereafter, a special meal for the participants, final matches in all the disciplines and the winners were later awarded with trophies and goats. Around 2000 people turned up for these activities.

As Don Bosco said, the most beautiful thing that each one of us can do to please God, is to contribute to the education of the poor youths, making of them good Christians and upright citizens.
“Good Christians and upright citizens”, that was the motto that was put in front of all the participants in this festive moment.

Pius Kayanja, sdb



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