On 24th November 2019, in the Oratory of Don Bosco Kabgayi took place the beginning of the unforgettable event known as “Welcome vacances”. Different people were invited to attend the above mentioned event, including Fr. Prosper, Chaplain of the Youth in Kabgayi Diocese, Madam Chantal, the Sector Education Officer (S.E.O) of Shyogwe Sector,

parents and more than 1000 boys and girls. The motto of these holidays reads as follows: “God sees you”, as Mama Marguerite used to say to her children.

Different speeches encouraged the youth to check on their behavior during the holidays. The Chaplain encouraged the young people to love and fear God who is the source and giver of happiness. He promised to make a regular jump to our Oratory to check on the young and he gave more light about the Forum of the Youth in Rwanda that will be held next year in Saint Andrew Parish-GITARAMA. Fr. Prosper also appreciated the Salesians of Don Bosco for the good work they are doing for young people in order to form honest citizens and good Christians.

The S.E.O also appreciated the good work rendered by the Salesians in Shyogwe and asked the young people to benefit from the parental care given by the Salesians. She invited the youth to develop the spirit of patriotism, and consequently this will be shown by their becoming “Intore mu biruhuko”. Lastly, she promised to always coordinate with the Salesians in educating the youth. 

To entertain the gathering, the artists from Muhanga were at work and various presentations were made: modern dance, traditional dance, acrobatic acts, orchestra, sketches…etc.

Around 6:00 pm the function was officially closed by the blessing given by Reverend Father Joseph Kabadugaritse, Director of Don Bosco Kabgayi Community. The young went back to their families full of joy for the well-passed moments in Don Bosco’s house.

Indeed, it was a joyful and pleasant event to be remembered!

Léonidas HATUNGIMANA, sdb




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