A reflection by Morris Uhuru, sdb

We ask several questions but we are confronted with total silence, for darkness overshadows day time. We appear losers in front of this concrete situation. Everything seems useless, the sense of meaninglessness is what occupies the realm of our current philosophy

. This concrete situation has terrified us, humiliated us and made us look foolish. In its face, our freedom of choice is gone, it deprives us of our vision, mission, and goal.   

Br. Ojwang Benedict Teddy, You kept us dumb! We are shut up! No words to say! We are shocked! We are tormented by this mystery! We are in the climax of boredom! Appetite is gone! The spirit is paralyzed! Missing fever is the common disease we contracted! No doctor has yet diagnosed it! Fear and trembling amidst us! We are washed with bitterness and no towel yet found to dry ourselves. This is nonsense for the outsiders but I believe for the insiders, there is a sense in my thought and words.

Being finite, total dependence on ourselves only increases despair. We need now to take a different route, for our eyes of flesh have failed to comprehend this. We leave in the manner unfolded to us that which is beyond our reach. We only confess our ignorance and humility, we are now patient for the right moment to understand. We accept our limitations, what remains now is Faith and this is the gift offered by the concrete situation.

Morris Uhuru, sdb, (Moshi)


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