Here in the Province of Africa of the Great Lakes, October 29th has always been a big day that brings together the two houses of basic formation. The Pre-novitiate House dedicated to St Callixte Caravario from Gatenga Community Joined the Novitiate House dedicated to St Luis Versiglia of Rango /Butare to celebrate together. The day in honour of Blessed Michael Rua,

the first successor of Don Bosco is when here in the Province of Africa of the Great Lakes the Novices receive the Medals of Don Bosco. We started our day with mass celebrated by the Vicar Rev. Fr. Raymond BAVUMIRAGIYE who came in the name of Provincial. He gave us the regards from our Provincial and his warm greetings. In his homily he invited us to love Don Bosco, as it is because of him that we gathered to celebrate. And that it is by him that the Lord brought into being this mission that we are called to carry forward to the youth, through his Mother the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Vicar also expressed his concern about the future of our society, as to what Salesians will we have for the youth of tomorrow, what novices we will have as   the salesians of tomorrow and also what pre-novices shall we have as the novices of tomorrow. The novices, 15 in number, happily received their medal of Don Bosco that was placed so close to their hearts so that Don Bosco always would be their guide and protector during  their journey of formation.

On the other part of the programme there was a very competitive game of basketball between the Novices and the Pre-novices that ended up in favor of the Pre-novices, with the score of 36 to 28. Then we turned to face the last but not least activity of the day that was so wonderfully organized and planned that the kitchen team received a big part of the praise.

Then at  last of it all, Rev. Fr. Fabien, the Director of the Novices, in inviting the Vicar for the closure, told to us why our Province chose this day and remarked that it is from what Pope Paul VI said about Don Rua  : Don Bosco was  “Son, Disciple and Imitator” of Don Bosco.  

Big thanks go first of all to the Almighty God for enabling  this day to pass so well like it was planned, and also big appreciation  goes to the Novitiate community for such a wonderful day well organized and lastly to all those who were physically present and as well to all who were with us spiritually. May the almighty God bless us all abundantly.


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