For this new pastoral year 2019 -2020, the Rector Major proposes to the entire Salesian family the theme: “Good Christians And Upright Citizens” as the Strenna of the year 2020. In the same line,

Don Bosco VTC Bombo – Namaliga (Uganda) under the direction of Rev. Fr. Vital Nzayisenga sdb dedicated a day (25th October 2019) to practically introduce all the teachers, students and other workers to this strenna. 

It was really astonishing to see over 300 people involved in communal work that had been organized within and outside the school on that day. The participants were called to lead an exemplary life in the society where they reside and also to help others especially those in need. In addition to the communal work, some physical things had been collected, especially from the students and these were distributed among the poor in the villages around the Salesian house of Bombo.

As St. Paul says, we shall not be judged by our words only but mostly by our deeds and action, our faith must be seen through our practical life. Therefore, being a good christian, and thus an upright citizen is something that obliges a practical engagement and not a theoretical one. 

The participants were so glad towards Don Bosco VTC administration for having organized this wonderful and educative moment for them and for the entire Bombo civil community.


Pius Kayanja sdb – Bombo, Uganda

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