On the 25th of March of every year, the Salesian Family celebrates  the feast of the salesian protomartyrs Saint Louis Versiglia, bishop and Saint Callisto Caravario, priest. But the feast is very special for the houses of the pre-novitiate and the novitiate because they have chosen these two saints as their patron saints,  Louis for the novitiate house and Callisto for the pre-novitiate. It is also a tradition that these two houses celebrate this feast together at Gatenga. Unfortunately, the novices did not show up. 

As we had expected that they would come to share our joy, we had prepared a football match with them. So, due to their absence,

we invited our students of “foyer Dominique Savio”. The match started at 3 pm and ended at 5h30 pm with 3 goals for the pre-novices to one for the students.

We continued our joy by sharing soft drinks with the boys. Then we went to prepare ourselves for the evening prayer. At 6h45 pm we started the solemn vespers that were led by Father Felix, the Director of the prenovices.

After the prayer we left the chapel in procession towards the refectory while singing a very nice song of our own composition, called “Callixte Caravario et Luigi Versiglia”.

After entering the refectory we thanked the good Lord and we shared the nice food cooked by our RUKUNDO. The community of “Centre de Jeunes Gatenga” was also invited : there were Father Jean Pierre, the Rector, Brother Daniel, Brother Amatus and the 8 aspirants of Gatenga community. 

The presentations started at 7h50 pm. What a very wonderful party!!! To begin with, there was a sketch by Dieudonné and Willy aimed at explaining who was Callisto Caravario. This was followed by a song “Oui c’est formidable de tout donner pour aimer” by Benjamin. Then came the comedy of Daniel, Gaston and Maurice.

The best of the best moments arrived. This was the cutting of the cake by father Jacques. Here, we all stood up, we sung and we jumped… surely we got so much joy I can’t describe it. One of the aspirants, Eric,  said to me,  “This place is very good, let us make three tents: one for Father Jean Pierre, one for Father Félix, and the third for Father Jacques!!”

After the sharing of the cake, we received the Zimbabwean traditional dances in a song called “SANANAPO” This was presented by Dieudonné, Pontien, Gérard, Willy and Norman.

Finally we received a speech from Father Félix, which focused on “looking for the essential” After his speech we sang “Salve Regina” and he gave us the final blessing. 

May Saints Callisto Caravario and Luigi Versiglia help us to be faithful to our vocation.



 Pre-novice Daniel Manirakiza 

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