In order to shake off the “stress” caused by the 1st semester examinations, our formators had decided that we should have an outing to Lake Muhazi. We, that is, our two formators Fathers, Félix and Jacques, and the 11 prenovices,

 arrived there on Sunday the 28th of January at about 5. 30 pm. We were warmly welcomed by Madame Theresa and Father Danko.

They welcomed us with very good fresh milk and fruits. We were given our rooms and arranged our things.

Some of us immediately rushed down to have a swim in Lake Muhazi while others moved all around enjoying the sounds of birds, the wind blowing softly and the beautiful flowers all around.

At 6.30 pm we went to the chapel for evening prayer and we received a good night talk from Father Danko. After that, we went for supper at 7h30 pm and at 9 pm we had the night prayer and went to sleep.

The next day we woke up at 7am.  At 7h30 we went for morning rayer and at 8hoo am we had breakfast. 

Actually the other important aim of the outing was to evaluate our way of living at the prenovitiate.  All aspects of our life were reviewed and carefully examined to try to remedy the flaws and shortcomings. So, at 8h30 we started with our evaluation up to 11h50 . Immediately we went for mass in the chapel of Muhazi. At 1 pm  we had lunch and then we enjoyed ourselves by playing games and of course swimming. 

At 5h00 pm we continued with our evaluation up to 6h50 when we went for evening prayer and we shared our supper together as usual. From 8h00 to 9h30 we played board games, mainly draughts, in the sitting room, and then went to bed.

On Tuesday morning we put the finishing touches to our evaluation. After Mass and dinner we prepared ourselves to go back to Gatenga. We boarded our bus at 2.30 pm and we arrived home safe and sound, ready to attack the second semester of our prenovitiate year. 


Daniel MANIRAKIZA, pre-novice.



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