On Holy Wednesday morning the 12th April 2017, we,  the Salesian Novices of AGL together with our formater Fr Felix participated in the Chrism Mass at the Cathedral of Butare Diocese.

This mass normally takes place on Holy Thursday but due to the final ceremony of the commemoration for the Genocide that was scheduled to take place on Thursday morning 13th April 2017, the Bishop of Butare Philippe RUKAMBA organized to celebrate it on Holy Wednesday morning. The mass led by the Bishop started at 9.30am with the procession followed by the introduction of the mass where the Christians of Butare Diocese congratulated the Bishop for having served 20 years as Bishop of Butare. He became Bishop in April 1997 just three years after the genocide when many Rwandese where still dispersed in neighboring countries and the church was in a miserable condition but as God had chosen him, he continued giving him more courage to lead his people from the miserable life towards the kingdom of God. The Bishop continued with the celebration of the mass that was mainly for  consecrating the chrism oil and for the renewal of the priestly promises In his homily he started by reminding us that it’s now 100 years ever since the first two Rwandese were ordained priests. As all the priests present on that day were going to renew their promises, he based his homily on the joy of being a priest. He continued reminding them their duties and responsibilities and said that, in order to live as joyful priests they have to

continue serving the people of God happily by administering them the sacraments of the Church and being good examples of the gospel to the Christians through actions of charity and prayer so that they can also live happily with the love of God among them. Finally he requested the priests that as we are approaching Easter, they should preach to Christians about the Resurrection of the dead. Jesus started for us the mystery of the resurrection in order to have eternal life after death which we are endeavored to work for while still here on earth.

After the homily the Bishop spoke to the priests, inviting them to renew publicly their priestly promises. The consecration of the chrism was done after the consecration of the Bread and Wine and the blessing of the oil of the sick and the oil of the catechumens was done at the end of the Eucharistic celebration.


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