On the 27th of March 2017, during this Lenten season, our students of IFAK-Kimihurura, after finishing their last exam of this first term,  spent a moment of almost three hours in a recollection that was held in the community's chapel.

This spiritual exercise began in the afternoon when the headmaster of the school, Fr. John Bosco NTIREGANYA, introduced to the students the meaning of a recollection as that special moment when different people, especially Christians, set aside some time to think about their personal lives and to think about their relationship with God.  

The theme of the recollection was ''Amazamuko y'umusozi mutagatifu'' as proposed by its Animator Father Jean Claude NDATIMANA, a Carmelite Friar.  Using the example of St. Therese of the child Jesus who used to offer flowers to Jesus on the cross, he told the students that, so as to climb the Calvary with Jesus towards victory, the students are perpetually exposed to many small acts that they are required to do with love. After his beautiful teaching, there followed a moment of meditation in silence during which some students received the sacrament of penance. Finally in his homily, he came up with the same teaching saying that our relations have to be based on love and that students should express some love in their acts so as to add value in their lives, in their relationships with their friends and in their relationship with God. He finally wished them to spend a meaningful holiday.

Jonathan Ayaku, sdb


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