23rd of January 2017came our way with a lot of blessings with the opening of the academic year. This was followed by a great celebration of our founder St Don Bosco which took place on 31st of January with the school.

Mass was presided over by Fr Servilien, SDB. During the homily he highlighted the love Don Bosco had for the young, inviting the children to participate in question and answer form. This was followed by snacks which called it a day. Pupils went home happy with lollipops, a gift from Don Bosco.


We entered the period of Lent on 1st of March 2017 together with our students having Mass presided over by our parish priest Father Camille at E.P.M.A.,  our school. He spoke on the practices of Lent inviting the children and us all to observe them. It was amazing to see the children sitting calmly during mass with their teachers and sisters among them. It was a moving moment to witness a good number of our teachers who are also catechists passing faith to the children participating in the receiving of the ash on their foreheads. During Mass there was the blessing of the crucifixes that were presented by Father to each class, to the class teacher as well as the class representative. The journey still continues. We move as a whole educating community to journey through prayer, fasting and almsgiving.

Sr. Mary Owuoth, FMA, Kigali

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